Friday, April 16, 2010

la.trap shop-gallery is a fact!!!

I am so excited to see my friends Maria (aka psarokokalo) and Evrydiki opening their own shop-gallery in Athens!!! I am absolutely positive it will make a sensation, and I think everybody has been waiting for it!!!

In la.trap there are works from: brokequeens, euangelia, ioli, matalou @ home, evrydiki, psarokokalo, the race behind the hill, quat, fricdementol, pinpals, ingermaike, christina morali, ergani, efigee, vera zefki, yourdoll, madame mo, daniela pais, laga, and many more.....

You will find la.trap shop-gallery at 56, Trivonianou street, in Mets, open Mondays to Fridays from 11.30-14.30 and 18.00-21.30 and on Saturdays from 11.00-15.00.

Here's a little Maria:

...and a little Evrydiki:

Best of luck, girls!!!


  1. love you girl thanks for the post!

  2. mpravo to Maria and Evrydiki!!!!
    Wish you girl a great success!!!!!....♥

  3. I wish the best for your new shop!