Thursday, April 22, 2010

Edible Gardening

I am so happy today! I planted some basil seeds, which I had been saving from my old plants since September.

I also saw that my tomato plants are doing well, and it seems I will have to plant them outside in the garden next week or so. The seeds I used for these tomato plants are from an old Greek variety that was widely used before the 1950s, famously tasty and aromatic.

This Sunday I will also bring home seeds from a special variety of tomatoes, grown in Santorini (just remember how delicious their sun-dried tomatoes are!), and seeds from the wonderful, authentic and famous Greek aubergine variety, excellent for moussaka, called Tsakoniki -from the area of Leonidio, in the Tsakonian region of Greece.



  1. While I'm reading your words, my mind goes to my home (south of Italy)...

  2. Oh I can almost smell the aroma in the air... and dream of summer and wonderful Greek tasty food! Yummy!!! :)