Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exotic Earrings, Pearls and Coconut Shell Buttons

The current host of the EST weekly challenge is Sandra of zsazsazsu1963 and the lovely theme she picked is Seeds and Pods. I made a bracelet and earrings set with tagua nuts and beads, but I sold it before I even took a picture, so I had to think of something else. Then, I remembered I had rescued a few coconut shell buttons a few months ago, and had kept them for when the inspiration was right...

These are one of a kind. Look at the flower carvings on the coconut shell! I think it's lotus, and I have a feeling these buttons were made in India. They measure a rather large 17mm in diameter, and they look perfect combined with potato pearls. Amazingly elegant and so fashionable too!


  1. These are great!
    Those coconut shell buttons have a really interesting-looking texture and I love the colour combination.

  2. Panemorfa!
    Panta mou aresoun ta kosmimata pou prokeiptoun apo apla, ka8imerinis xrisis ilika!
    Enallaktika pathos gia texni kai aksiopoiisi ilikwn!
    Filia Amoronia!

  3. Wonderful earrings!!! I love the coconut shell buttons, really unique! Beautiful photography -- as always :)! And by the way, congrats on the super fast sale of your bracelet and earrings set :)!

  4. Thank you! Kisses to you my dears :)!