Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make Music (Faites de la Musique)

June 21 marks the official beginning of summer. Which is reason for literature, music and the arts to celebrate! So a few days ago I was lucky to listen to Empty Frame, one of my favorite Greek bands. Their sound was better live than on their MySpace page, but you can also order or download their CD and fully enjoy their music.

The following song is an original by Sophia Vembo, coming from 1939...

And this is how Empty Frame played and sang it in English in 2011, 72 years later...

You can read Empty frame interviews in Elliniki Skini, Avgi and ToVima. Hopefully they will soon start to give interviews in English too...


  1. Empty Frame are great! I'm a fan too!

  2. The original song is beyond moving! It gives you the chills!!!!!!!!!
    Great post as always!!!

  3. Sophia Vembo looks the 40s siren to perfection!
    I didn't know she was so beautiful and sexy!