Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Double Ring of Fall

I had this urge to make a double ring, to see how it would turn out, and you know what? It is really comfortable! I also wanted to combine beads and make moveable beads - charms on my ring, like a variation of the traditional cha cha, but I disliked the idea of so many beads hanging from one ring only. I have worn such rings in the past, and they tend to become rather tiring on your finger after a while. With this double ring, apart from being tremendously fashionable, you also get to be very comfortable, because the tension of one ring is actually divided between the two. And as the rings are adjustable in size, we are talking about real comfort! Plus this design looks so lush on your hand, it's a dream!

For this, I combined black lava with green aventurine and amethyst colored glass beads, and I also liked a little copper dragonfly with the whole bunch, to give it a bit of a fairy touch! I can see these on the fingers of bridesmaids... With a nice dress... Or you could wear to that beach party... It really gives instant character!


  1. Gorgeous creation, Demi!!! I love both the concept and the outcome! Really really beautiful!

  2. poli omorfo pragmatika!!!aplo kai idiaitero!!!