Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Song of The Dawn

Ξύπνα, μικρό μου κι άκουσε,
Κάποιο μινόρε της αυγής,
Για σένανε είναι γραμμένο,
Από το κλάμα, κάποιας ψυχής.

Το παραθύρι σου άνοιξε,
Ρίξε μου μια γλυκιά ματιά,
Κι ας σβήσω πια, τότε μικρό μου,
Μπροστά στο σπίτι σου, σε μια γωνιά.

(Σπύρος Περιστέρης - Μίνως Μάτσας)

Wake up, my little one, and listen,
To this 'minore' of the dawn
It is written for you,
Out of a soul's lament

Open your window,
Throw me a sweet glance,
And then let me die, my little one
In front of your home, at a corner

(Spyros Peristeris - Minos Matsas, my translation)

I would like to thank my friend Jessica, the blogger behind Whoa, Mamma, for letting me know of Costas Tsicaderis' recordings. Costas Tsicaderis was a Greek - Australian singer - songwriter, and Jessica's father.

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  1. Oh Demi! That is just the sweetest thing ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you with all my heart. You're a very special soul xxxx