Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greek Cars and Seventies Cool

I found it hard to believe at first, but Greece actually produced cars in the past. One of them was the Enfield Neorion Ε8000, which was produced on the island of Syros, since the company was owned by the brothers Goulandris as of 1972. This type of car ran on batteries, but the price was high and it never got permission for production in Greece, which is why only a few cars were made, bought by the British Post.

I don't know why, but I feel strangely attracted to the design of this vehicle. Its compact shape, the colours I see in the pictures, its clean and honest look, even knowing that it was an electric car - all these facts make me long for the seventies, all of a sudden...

And when I think of the 1970s, a lot of things come to mind...

It would be so nice to go on a small trip right now...


  1. I always enjoy your posts so much, Demi! :)
    That little car is TOO cute!!! Looks like a toy car from my childhood! Thank you for this nostalgic post taking me back to my childhood years!

  2. FANTASTIC post Demi!!!!! Im really impressed! I had no idea these babies were made in Greece! Pretty adorable!!!!
    Amazing finds too!!!!!

  3. I think my mother had the same dishes...Hmmm I know wonder if she still does...*said with eyes filled with the dollar sign*

  4. I didn't know Greece had ever made cars!
    I think they're adorable!!
    Great post.

  5. amazing post...!!!!!
    αχ βρε αμορ που τα βρισκεις αυτα τα ωραια!!! αλλα και τι μελαγχολικο, απο γεννησεως του ελληνικου "δημοσίου" ολες οι καλες προσπαθειες βρισκουν τοιχο!!!!

  6. Wow Amor i love the design of this car! I didnt know about it!! :)

  7. What a cute car!! I don't drive but think I would want to if I had a cute car like that! And how wonderful that it didn't run on gasoline!

    I adore all things 70s. I think I was definitely born in the wrong era! & agreed, a nice trip would be so nice right about now! *Sigh* I wish I lived in Europe! So many beautiful places to see :)

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  9. I'm really in love with all these things from the '60 and '70!!! Great post!