Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greece Goes Outside

A FB friend suggested the other day that fashion has had enough of the UK flag. And I can't blame her. It's incredible how flags have been marketed as fashionable patterns, if you think about it. So what my friend suggested was that at least the Greek designers started promoting the Greek flag. Why not? It is a beautiful pattern that warms our hearts, and makes us stronger for the struggle that lies ahead of us each and every day. And in this striggle we need an ally. We need a boost. We need a reminder that, after thousands and thousands of years, the Greeks are still here, and are planning to be around.

The earrings are done in silver, and the ear hooks are sterling silver. These are not cheap babies!
Available here.


  1. I love the Greek flag! To me it's the colors of your beautiful country... the endless blue of the sea and sky, and the white of white-washed houses on a Cycladic island. I haven't featured the flag explicitly in my work yet, but the colors are definitely very present in my work! :)
    Great job, Demi!!!!! I definitely agree with you and your friend: let's show that gorgeous flag!!!!

    1. Thank you! And your work is really stunning my friend! xo