Monday, May 17, 2010

Interview with Artists I Admire: Christine Kaiser

Christine Kaiser is an artist I discovered on Etsy, and her works touched me instantly and deeply. Here's what she answered to my questions, when I wanted to find out more.

Have you received formal education as an artist?
'Yes I graduated from the Boston Museum School and Tufts University. I also spent many years repairing painted expensive large scale animal sculpture (by the artist Sergio Bustamante) which is where I got really good at detail line work and color matching. It also developed "my eye " so I could see not only subtle differences in color but in texture and finish. I also took various workshops in etching, photography etc. etc. etc.'

What are the things that inspire you?
'Random stuff. A bug I see, other people's work (mostly that I see on the web) I'm always on the lookout for unusual juxtapositions or patterns.'

What elements do you like to incorporate in your work?
'Relationships between objects, both visual and psychological.'

How would you describe your pieces?
'Fairytales for the modern world.'

Natural vs constructed environment: How much does it affect your work?
'I look at it all, I don't differentiate.'

What kind of material do you prefer to use? Do you recycle?
'I use mostly basswood, poplar and pine (both are North American sustainable wood). I used to work in oils but have swiched to non toxic water based paints. I love all kinds of pencils, from 8B to 6H and everything in between.

I do use old cigar boxes (image below)

and old printers trays (image below)

and lately I have been using pieces of trees that I have been pruning (example below).

I use bits of this and that when they fit in. My 90 yr old mom saves all the brown and white packing paper for me. She irons and folds it :) so most of my packing material is recycled. My painting pallets are all Lids from containers, old paint bush handles get carved into noses and ears. Most of the heavier wire in my work is from my horse fencing. So I recycle what I can.'

Are there any artists that have influenced you?
'Yes, different ones, at different times, for different reasons. Lately I've been playing around with juxtaposition of style and space and have been looking at people like Os Gemeos, CW Wells, Bosch. I've also gone back to two of my old favorites Elizabeth Murrey and Marisol. And all the Etsy members of Team Kitty :)'

How do you spend your free time?
'My husband and I moved to a small farm in the country, after living in Central Sq Cambridge, Massuchusetts for many years. So now much of my free time is spent mowing with my tractor as the swallows swoop around me, playing with my horses, dogs and cats and doing all the things that come with country life (yes I compost food and manure. Making beautiful dirt gives this city girl a thrill). I like to read and sketch and watch the birds and spiders. I spend a fair amount of time on the internet just looking, building my website etc. I do watch TV, my favorite shows at the moment are Breaking Bad, Big Love, and the Tudors.'

All I can say is I'm impressed by the style of this woman! She is an authentic artist! You can find out more about Christine Kaiser at her personal website.


  1. Thanks for sharing us to this great interview!!!

  2. Oh wow, those are beautiful. Thanks for the interview!

  3. Well done interview! Christine is one of the best!

  4. Wow, her work is extraordinary. I really love 'sleep'. Generally speaking, big round head creatures often tend to speak to me:)