Monday, September 6, 2010

Leopard Print You Might Actually Get Away With

When I asked some of my friends online whether they would consider buying a leopard print piece of clothing - accessory this season, the answer was a unanimous: 'No way!'

Now I am not a huge fan myself, but I don't think I can resist the items I have picked to feature here, as they provide a whole new perspective to the leopard print thing. After all, leopard print may be wild, but it has an undoubted natural appeal and could actually be elegant, with the appropriate combinations. If you are confident about the way you style your clothes, why not give it a try?

The Shoe Clips

The Leggings

See? Leopard print doesn't have to be dangerous! In fact, those Etsy finds were really cool! I am waiting for your comments below...


  1. Beautiful Picks ! I like leopard too.My new sunglasses are fade leopard print !!!!

  2. Amazing items!!!!I like the leopard colours!

  3. Beautiful blog and lovely picks. Unique pieces that provide something for everyone. Thanks so much for including my shoe clips.

  4. τα μεγάλα πνεύματα συναντήθηκαν :) πολυ ομορφα κομμάτια!

  5. Love the scarf and the earrings.
    Going earring shopping tonight.