Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Theia in Greek (pronounced 'theea', with the 'th' as in 'theme') means 'aunt'. It also means 'divine'. So, when Theodora Provopoulou, a young and very talented Greek fashion designer whose first name literally means 'gift of God', created THEIA, she was obviously playing with her name in English and the double meaning of the word in Greek.

From day 1 I was attracted to THEIA's work. Something about Theodora's resume (she has studied economics, philosophy, fashion design, pattern and sewing!) and her feminine approach to fashion told me this is a designer that we need to keep an eye on. Is it just my idea, or do you see it yourselves that with her work she makes women look more female, really loved, and ultimately, divine?

The photos above are from her current collection. If you want to check out her work you can visit her site, theialab and read more!


  1. this post was so well-timed for me.
    I think you were expecting from me to say that I love your etymology analysis.
    With Greek we just have to ..and love to!

    You forgot to follow me on the new blog my dear!
    I will not be on the previous one anymore.

  2. That 3rd dress is fabulous!

  3. It totally is! Wait till you see her entire collection! Visit: and you will love everything!