Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mardi Gras Carnival Inspired: Crocheted Wire Necklace with Reclaimed Beads

Today it's been raining in such a charming way... Very inspiring! So what better way to use some multi-colored semi-precious stone beads (chips actually), that had come off an old pair of summer sandals, than to create a crocheted wire necklace, also throwing in some black vintage czech glass beads?

This is the result:

I love how random and relaxed this necklace looks, with chips and faceted beads here and there adding a variety of texture, which looks so good with crocheted wire! I can almost feel the Carnival coming up...!


  1. Love the floaty dream quality of this piece, and yet it looks totally modern!

  2. This is stunning! Feel free to share (in a blogpost) your favorite treasury in *Treasury Tuesday* at my blog..Love Eva