Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Day At The Museum

It was a national holiday in Greece on Friday March 25, so a lot of people took advantage of the lovely weather to visit the new Acropolis Museum. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

This is what you see as you approach the museum from the subway station...

Now you are stepping towards the entrance, but the whole thing has been built for you to be able to see the ongoing excavation at the base...

You are on the terrace, having coffee, seeing these...

If you want to see inside the Museum, you will probably have to visit... After all, the new Acropolis Museum was voted Best Worldwide Tourism Project in 2010 by the British Guild of Travel Writers, and there are many who say it is currently the best museum in the world...


  1. The Acropolis Museum looks really interesting already from its outside, the inside must be overwhelming!

  2. It is a very special museum indeed!

  3. fantastic pics! I haven't visited yet, but it's in my todo list!

  4. Thanks for a wonderful tour & I can't wait to get to Athens to go inside! Great job!

  5. Great tour!
    Museums are such fascinating places and you just can't top the Acropolis Museum!! So much history! So much beauty!

  6. Oh my! I dream about going to visit Greece! Thank you for taking us with you to the Acropolis museum. I hope to be there in person, one day... These are amazing pictures.

    So glad you are going to take part in the EST challenge! Yay!