Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things To Make You Happy - Etsy Euro Week FP

In the Etsy Greek Street Team and the European Street Team we celebrated the Etsy Euro Week (March 21-27) with many treasuries this year. We all made a lot of treasuries, and I was really happy that one of the lists I created made it to the front page of Etsy on March 24!

Thanks Etsy!


  1. great!! btw, is there someone in the greek team that could answer a couple of queries for those starting up? pls let me know,would appreciate it a lot

  2. Check this out:
    Our Captain is Antigoni, you will 'see' her there. The first forum thread is the main one, where we discuss things (it gets refreshed every month), and there is a sheet with info that Antigoni sends out to newbies :)

  3. Thats awesome. I have only made one treasury. Its fun!

  4. It's a really lovely treasury -congrats to FrontP!! Eva