Sunday, July 17, 2011

Empty Frame Collection Preview

Inspired by Empty Frame, the band, but also because I wanted to experiment, I decided to create a new collection of designs that incorporate real dollhouse frames. I am thinking of expanding the designs to include more styles of frames, but I definitely want some feedback here...

What intrigued me about these in the first place has to do with the possibilities of the frame in itself as an element, instead of the frame showing something else. Interior design has been using empty frames for years, as a decorative element or with some practical aspect as well. When I found some real dollhouse frames, I knew what I wanted to make...  And, by the way, I think these designs blend so well with the current fashion trends! Long and substantial, these are statement and conversation pieces, without being too loaded. Perfect!

But really, this post is asking for your feedback...  I mean, I made those necklaces, they are my babies, of course I love them... But what do you think? Would you buy them? Or something similar? Let me know!