Sunday, March 4, 2012

Amoronia Loves Athena: Peeling Apples Inspiration

It's early morning. As I am writing this, the birds are singing so beautifully outside. I can hear them, because it's spring. Because it has been a long and heavy winter. Because they cannot be stopped from singing. Some creatures are born with a great gift. Which is so encouraging.

Athena Andreadis is one of those creatures. Immensely talented and a very hard worker, it seems, she is definitely one of my favorite singers and songwriters. What she does is not easy to label as this or that genre. It's a wonderfully personal mixture of jazz, folk and her own poetry. I 'discovered' her a few years ago, when I first listened to 'Pretty things'. I love her voice, the lyrics, how she expresses emotion with intelligence and sophistication, how she distills the essence of Greek tradition and makes it her own, at the same time making it available to the international audience. I also love the way I feel I can connect with the emotion she communicates. Plus, Athena is very beautiful, but if you haven't seen her picture, you first notice her for her voice and songs. How many beautiful singers can say that?

'Peeling Apples' is the name of her last album, which I have already overplayed and destroyed (!). Every song in that album is so special. You can't help thinking about the lyrics when you first listen to them, they are so liberating. Soon, you sing along.

Athena is releasing 'Peeling Apples' in the UK on March 19, and on March 27 she is doing a gig at Bush Hall, London. I would so much love to be there, it makes me sad that I can't.

So I decided to make my own 'Peeling Apples' pieces instead. I have started designing jewelry that is inspired by Athena's album, and I will soon start posting those pieces here and on my Facebook page. Stay tuned and be sure to like my page on Facebook, if you haven't already, as I would love your feedback!

And here's Athena in I Know...

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  1. I'm definately intruiged....
    She sure is beautiful! I'm off to hear her sing.