Thursday, March 1, 2012

SS12 Fashion Trend Report: Pastel Colors

Colors with very low saturation are a big trend this spring. Ranging from very pale to warmer shades, our wardrobe simply cannot go without those pastels. The way to combine them best, if we want to add intensity to our outfit, will be with touches of black or a neon bright version of the same colour. 

Louis Vuitton




Thank you and Matteo Volta once again for those beautiful runway photos! And here are some irresistible pastels from the team of Greek sellers on Etsy. Enjoy!

And if you want to discover more, beautiful items in pastel colors, you should definitely check out more shops of the Etsy Greek Street Team!


  1. Though I'm not that much into pastels I think this year I won't resist :)
    Beautiful collections of runways & wonderful finds!
    Have a great 1st spring month!

  2. Ti omorfo post! Latreuo tis pastel apoxroseis!
    Toso girl! Mou dinoun mia ais8isi apisteutis iremias!
    Lot's of love!