Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visiting Lambeia

Lampeia (or Divri) is a beautiful traditional village οf mountainous Ileia, in the Peloponnese. So me and my guy took advantage of the lovely weather today and went for a visit.

On our way there, I took a nice shot of this very pretty tree (all of my photos are copyrighted - please link back to my blog if you decide to use any of them):

These are a few photos from the oak forest of Foloi, that I took not far from the road:

Lampeia (or Divri) consists of seven 'mahalades', or neighbourhoods, as it is built amphitheatrically to the south of Mount Erymanthos. It has many freshwater springs, beautiful, old, stone built houses and historical churches.

This is a glass of lovely, fresh, mountain spring water - perfect for this warm and sunny day:

Oh, and the perfect Greek coffee to go with it. I couldn't have made it any better myself at home, and I am very fussy about how I want my Greek coffee:

Too bad I can't take you there so you can actually listen to the birds singing and the water flowing wildly... But I can show you some of my pictures that will give you an idea.

I thought this cat, sitting at the top of some narrow steps in between two village houses, was really awesome... It even turned around for me to take a nice shot! Too cute!!! This is for you, cat lovers:

 Finally, we were lucky enough to find a nice lady who opened the church yard door for us, as she keeps the keys, and let us in this marvellous old church of the Holy Trinity. It's REALLY old, the villagers said 9th century, one even said 6th century.

When I visited this website here, it says the church probably originates from the 14th century, but they still don't know for sure, because it has very peculiar architecture and it hasn't been studied properly. This site here says it's 12th century, with much earlier signs. But still, the church needs to be studied. I managed to take some amazing photos without any flash. I am proud of my photographs today... And happy I can share them with you.

These are the Apostles Peter and Paul, in the most well-known Orthodox Christian depiction of them together, as brothers in Christ.

This is St. Nicholas.

And this, the Holy Trinity - the lady told us there is a liturgy in the church on the feast of the Holy Trinity:

Finally, one more photo from inside the church:

And one last, from the outside:

Oh yes. I certainly think today was not a day wasted. Hope you had a great Sunday as well!


  1. Amazing photos Demi! Great nature!!!

  2. What a WONDERFUL post, Demi!!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing this incredible beauty and peace in the Greek mountains... and the sweet kitty too! :) This post really spoke to my heart!

  3. These are just fabulous!
    What a wonderful place to visit!
    That church must really be something to see!

    1. Yeap, the last time it was restored was in the 1950s, and there are many layers of history to be discovered... Exciting!