Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Flowers: Red Poppies

Tomorrow is May Day, or International Workers' Day. Instead of wreaths, I have decided to present red poppies, knowing that red poppies signify both sleep or death, but also the promise of resurrection after death. They are, after all, a very common wild flower, so fragile yet with such impressive qualities.

Clockwise, from left to right, the beautiful creations are:
1. Felted poppy flower brooch Red poppy by JaneBoFelt
2. Little Poppy - Earring Studs by annarubyking
3. Poppy head band for kids or moms by sabahnur
4. Flanders - Red Poppy and Black Beaded Necklace in Brass by Chameleonite

How are you planning to celebrate May Day? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. oww such a cutie list is this! thank you dear.
    tomorrow is public holiday in turkey,for the first time!:)

  2. I love poppies, they are such a happy flower! thanks for including mine!

  3. Beautiful! Poppies are one of my most favourite flowers. Thank you so much for including my Flanders necklace. May day would have been my dad's birthday. When he was a child he thought everyone dressed up in their best clothes on May 1st because it was his birthday. :)

    Happy birthday dad xx

  4. Lovely - Poppies definitely should be used much more often.

  5. Very beautiful poppies! Thank you for including my poppy brooch! We had holiday too on 1 May but I stayed at home with my 1-month daughter:)