Saturday, June 19, 2010

I See Greece: June 2010 Trends

I just read a story by AmelieFrenchie, about the latest trends in France, and thought I would like to thank her for popping the question 'What's en vogue in your homeland? . Here's an idea of what is currently trending in Greece:

Yacht Style

You know the kind... Also called 'nautical', a word which comes from Greek and means 'of the ship'. Not always meant literally, but very much alluding to the relaxed lifestyle specially suited for the summer.

By hausofprice, $25.00.

By ikabags, $39.

By thevamoose, $18.

Ancient Greece Inspired

Ancient Greek art has never actually ceased to fascinate fashion, but especially this summer the succinct, simple and elegant Ancient Greek style seems to be very much en vogue! Think draped dresses, sandals and beautiful hair updos...

By amoronia, $25.

By violavintage, $165.


By feesk, $40.

wise owl baby pin

By psarokokalo, $9.

Festival Inspired

Summer is the time for festivals, and in Greece it seems the weather lends itself to open air entertainment. Everyone's entertainment agenda is usually heavy and we are all discussing concerts and plays these days.

Poppy Tunic Dress

By karmologyclinic, $65.

On Stage - Original Painting

By GogoKorogiannou, $433.

Funky Orange Felt on Adjustable Antique Silver Ring

By antigoni, $22.

Black elegant high heel sandals

By Florentines, $80.

U2 Collage Limited Edition

By Artistico, $14.

More will follow! Stay tuned...


  1. Lovely ! I like the ancient Greek style the most !

  2. I like this post very much!

  3. Beautiful picks , really love it
    Thank you so much for my Stockholm bag !

  4. A truly amazing post!!! Well done!!!

  5. how cute are these fashions! i especially like the "yacht" style because my new bathing suit [that i purchased to wear in xania!] matches the style :)
    but of course the ancient greek style is beautiful as well. the headbands and sandals are my favorite :)
    thank you for all the kind comments. you have such an interesting blog!

  6. From the items posted, I would opt for the jumpsuit and the garland. That garland is so pretty! Great work, thanks for your comment on the garden mosaics. Looking forward to your next masterpiece. I think I may have found the frames. Let's hope I find the time+energy to create!

  7. Hey there gals! So happy you like the post :)

    Roxy: You will be a goddess in Xania!!!
    Maggie: I am positive you will find time!!!