Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bad, The Good And The Beautiful Or, Amoronia's Adventures In Beach Party-Land

You know those moments when everything seems to be going wrong, right? A catastrophe often comes when you least expect it. When you're at a party, for example, enjoying yourself. And when you're at a beach party, chances are people will smoke. A crowded beach party means you never know when someone will accidentally burn your beautiful new white top with their cigarette and then rip the criss cross design off with their ring, in a desparate effort to make sure you're OK...

Oh, yes. That's what happened to my new top... But as all crafters know well, a catastrophe can be the ideal starting point for something new. So I decided to wash and dry my ruined top, and then took my scissors, thread and needle and got to work.

These are a couple of flowers that I made, white cotton flowers that look like roses or carnations.

And you know what? I decided to make them into statement cocktail rings, big and small, because these rings will never rip someone else's top... They are wonderfully soft to the touch, and wearing them is like a caress to your finger.

Those Cool White Recycled Fabric Flowers, Adjustable Cocktail Rings are available in my Etsy shop as of yesterday.

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