Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love Unconquerable in Battle - Sophocles, Antigone Greek Quote: The Brooch

After the necklaces, it seemed only natural that I would make this Sophocles, Antigone quote into a brooch, too. So here it is in my shop:

O Love, in every battle victor owned;
Love, now assailing wealth and lordly state,
Now on a girl's soft cheek,
Slumbering the livelong night;
Now wandering o'er the sea,
And now in shepherd's folds;
The Undying Ones have no escape from thee,
Nor men whose lives are measured as a day;
And who has thee is mad.

(Sophocles, Antigone, E. H. Plumptre's translation, lines 781-790)

The brooch features a romantic antique brass metal part and a vanilla cream color message, with a vanilla cream jade bead. Which makes it perfect to combine with everything in your wardrobe, and ideal for weddings and bridesmaids' gift...


  1. What a great idea!

  2. Thanks! The necklaces are already sold, so I thought brooches would be nice too :)