Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins, pumpkins!!!

There is something so comforting about pumpkins... Their sweet natural scent, their cuddlesome shape, their bright color in this dull weather, the delicious food or the happy ornaments they make...

I was given a huge pumpkin yesterday. When I cut and weighed the pieces, it turned out I had a little more than 8 kilos of this amazing gift of nature!!! So today's post is about pumpkins, and I'm sure you will enjoy it!

1. Pumpkin Pie - bulky 2-ply merino, flax, silk and sparlke handspun yarn, by sosaecaetano
2. Handmade decorative pumpkin in harvest gold, by SeaPinks
3. Fresh pumpkin fudge - Southern style, by VeesWear
4. Organic Rouge Vif D Etampes Pumpkin seeds, by cubits


  1. That's a really nice little collection. That wool looks simply delicious!
    Laura at

  2. And check out this etsy pumpkin:
    We just got one and it is adorable!

  3. Hi Laura! I like your blog very much and I have followed you back :)

  4. I had pumpkin ice cream yesterday. Love those decorative pumpkins!