Thursday, May 19, 2011

Corset Empire

Theodora Provopoulou, one of my favorite designers, has just launched her online corset selling store! Corset Empire is the name, and you might want to save it in your favorites. With five collections, I believe it holds the biggest variety of handmade corsets online. Also note, prices are very reasonable -given the fact you are buying designer, handmade pieces! Very important in this day and age.

If you still think of the corset as an undergarment, you are bound to discover that fashion design has progressed, making it a piece that no woman should do without. Ask yourself not if you are the type of woman that would wear a corset, ask rather what kind of corset suits your type best. And if you are a lover of feminine clothes and showing off your figure, you might want to consider owning more than one!

Simply Chic is a light, summery, corset-like top with no lining or padding. Perfect for the season, I'd say!

True Romance creates a perfect figure, wrapped in romance. Getting married, anyone?

Pretty Cheeky is the fun, girly collection. Being a girl is reason enough to celebrate!

So Splendid corsets are suitable for stunning, night-out appearances. Think red carpet occasions...

Always Denim is a collection for those who want to be always comfortable and cool. Like when sailing, for instance...

And remember: Corsets are suitable for every type of woman, but you want to be sure they will look great on you. Theodora may be young, but she is THE designer to trust when it comes to corsets.


  1. i love her work and the website is so cool! love the dresses, Especially from the always denim collection!

  2. theodora provopoulou is just great! :)


  3. theia says "thank you guys" :)

  4. perfect corset.Even better than Dolce & Gabbana And Jean Paul!!!!congratulations!!!!