Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dress For The Occasion

I believe Etsy is the best online place. Seriously. A friend has a graduation ball to go to, and needed my help. Look what I found! I can't say with certainty if she is going to like these, but I know I do, and I sure wish I was in her place!



And you need not ask yourself where to go for accessories... I mean, have you seen what they sell in most stores? Fake, cheap looking things that were probably made unethically. Plus, if you have a look at what Etsy offers, you simply can't go back...

The Poet vintage flower band

And don't jump into conclusions that handmade is costly... Everything has a price to it, and you always get what you pay for... Plus, there are many more dresses and stuff on Etsy that are affordable, so no excuses... That said, did I mention I want to go to a graduation ball really badly?


  1. Whata wonderfulcollection of dresses and accessories!
    Isn't it great to dress up!!
    Thanks for including my Gold Rush Cuff!

  2. great collection Demi!!! thanks for placing my ruffled clutch among these beauties :D

  3. love the dresses! nice job

  4. fabulous dresses! i go for the reimunda backless dress!

  5. Gorgeous .. Gorgeous .. Gorgeous ♥♥

    The problem would be choosing ... they are all so exquisite!

    many thanks for including ZiBagz among these lovelies♥

  6. Raimunda - I love!

    These are amazing choices!

  7. You are so right! Such variety and style. That lilac dress is top

  8. This is gorgeous! You chose some really beautiful pieces =)