Monday, March 12, 2012

Interview with Artists I Admire: Apostolos K. Tsoris

I cannot tell you what joy it gives me to present to you artists, whose work I love! This post is about Apostolos Tsoris, I'm sure you are going to love his work too!

Tell us a few things about yourself.

I was born in Agrinio, Greece, in 1946, but I live and work in New York, full time, on art, since 1998.

What are your favorite themes? Where do you find inspiration?

The major influences on my work are mother nature's bounty in birds that fly across the seaside, the mystical fantasies of the Mermaid, the hypnotic fragrance of flowers in bloom, the colors of the sunset and varied expressions of human faces. My nostalgia for life in my beloved Greece gives me themes that I express in realism and the freedom of my fantasy in surrealistic ways. In addition, since I came to the United States, Soul, Blues and the tropical themes became some of my favorites!

Do you have any free time? How do you spend it? 

My time is always free and I pass it in the company of my wife, Barbara, my muse.

Thank you, Apostolos, for your time! I hope you are as fond of Apostolos Tsoris' work as I am! You can find him in three shops on Etsy: ApostolosTsoris, apostolostsoris1 and soulandblues.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, Demi! I am an admirer of Apostolos' stunning work myself, I love the way he uses bold colors to express atmospheres and feelings, and his very personal and distinctive style that reveals his deep love for Beauty and his origins.
    Thank you Demi and Apostolos!