Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. Instead of anything else, I am giving you these links and pictures as food for thought...

Well, ladies, are you doing anything special on this day, to celebrate? I went to the theatre last night with three of my friends, girls only, to watch a lovely performance of Lysistrata and then we sat in a beer restaurant to have a bite and catch up. Watching a play by Aristophanes really is liberating. Kisses!


  1. αχ μακαρι να ειχα και εγω μια τετοια βραδυα. Δεν εχω παει ποτε να δω Λυσσιστρατη..
    αντε χρονια μας πολλα!
    Φιλια :)

  2. Nice photos and happy women's day!!! Great blog!

  3. Happy women's day to all!
    Thank you for including my work at your blog, Demi.

  4. Happy Woman's Day!
    ....even though belatedly...

  5. I'm so happy that my photograph is included in this wonderful article dedicated to women :-)
    Thank you so much Demi :-))))))))))