Thursday, June 10, 2010

Robin Hood Now

When I saw Robin Hood, the 2010 adventure film based on the Robin Hood legend, I loved it. I loved Russell Crowe's interpretation. I loved Ridley Scott's direction. I loved all the cast. I loved the filming locations. I loved the script. I loved the effortless Medieval style. I was relieved to see a Robin Hood without the Lincoln green clothes, tights, hat and all. It is a memorable film.

Robin Hood is a heroic figure of the English folklore. This means there is very little historical truth actually known about him. But, as is always the case with legends, this hasn't kept writers, directors, film producers, illustrators, collectors, crafters, anyone really, from paying their respects.

Want to see evidence that Robin's legend lives? Here it is!

You enjoyed the film. Now you can enjoy all those lovely items. Robin Hood is now.


  1. Wonderful post! Love all the great Robin Hood goodies. Thank you so much for including my silhouette cross-stitch pattern, too!


  2. Very lovely!

  3. Great theme Amoronia! And lovely finds too!

  4. This is awesome! Great idea! Loving it!


  5. Wonderful blog! Thank you so much for including my chemise. Wonderful medieval inspired items.

  6. You have such a very spiffy blog! I love the topic of your post and the beautiful items featured. Thanks for including my bookmark!