Monday, March 19, 2012

The Athena Andreadis - Peeling Apples Inspired Collection: Tears Are Only Water

Adding to the Athena Andreadis - Peeling Apples collection, which you can read all about here, is a pair of earrings inspired by a song called Tears Are Only Water. I used brass components that are in a gunmetal tone, and lovely, clear, hollow glass beads in teardrop shape. These are long earrings, that have a very sensual, smooth, fluid and organic feel to them. When I designed them, I wanted them to be a reference to the moment when, after we have experienced deep sorrow in our lives, we suddenly start seeing, touching, listening, noticing things around us, waking us from the sorrow and telling us that life goes on. And judging by the way these earrings feel to the touch, I think I did it! I just hope the photos are good enough, so you can get an idea of what they are about.

To find out more about Athena, click here. To see the Finding England earrings, read this post.

heavy heart in the morning
silver clouds roll by
hold on, hold tight
your eyes will find the sun
empty chair by the window
coffee made for one
hold on, hold tight
your eyes will find the sun
tears are only water
like the rain and sea
they come and then they go
they ebb and flow
but what was meant to be
will be
a half read book by the pillow
a bed that’s twice as wide
hold on, hold tight
let the sun inside
tears are only water …

(Athena Andreadis, lyrics toTears Are Only Water, from the album Peeling Apples)

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