Friday, March 23, 2012

The Athena Andreadis - Peeling Apples Inspired Collection: Peeling Apples

Peeling Apples is the title of Athena Andreadis' new album. It is also the title of a song from that album, which I really love. The music is really sensual, and so is Athena's voice, and let's not forget the poetry - lyrics... I created the following piece as a result. It is a locket necklace, in the shape of an apple, complemented by a bright orange red czech glass bead charm that can be attached whenever and wherever one wants to, or hidden inside the locket. When I see this piece, I think of temptation... Who can resist?

To see the rest of the collection, click here. To read more about my Athena Andreadis - Peeling Apples inspired collection, click here. And this is the song by the lovely, London-born songstress, Athena Andreadis:

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